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Creatively Yours Book-  Page 31 
At the bottom of the page, under cutting "A variety of grey print"-  In the last section for 1 1/2" strips.  This line should say cut (16), [18] 1 1/2" strips WOF.   The (46) is a typo.

Chilly Charlie-  Pg. 2  
There was a typo in the original printing that has since been corrected.  Just in case you got an earlier pattern, note that the light blue        7 1/2" x 16 1/2" cut on page 1 is correct.  Add it above the snowball block on page 2.  (not a 7 1/2" x 12 1/2")

4-Patch Panache
Page 32- Cut an additional (16) 2" blue squares from the blue scraps for cornerstones in the blocks.

Block Party # 1 Starla
If making the quilt, under red cutting:change second bullet to read cut (6) 2 3/4" strips and sub-cut into (80) 2 3/4" squares for flying geese. Change yardage for red to 1 3/4 yd.

Block Party # 2 Catarina

Please note that the expanded graphic on page 2 shows the blue cat's cradle units on the left and the red cat's cradle units on the right of the block.  This is not correct.  Please refer to the block on the cover, on the inside of the directions on page 1, and the blocks in the quilt graphic which all show that the the red and blue cat's cradle units alternate position in the block.

Ella’s Attic
Using the cat’s cradle tool, cat’s cradle units in this pattern should be trimmed to finish at 2 ½”. (They will be 3” unfinished.)

Whiskers n Catnip BOM

Block 11

Page 1 second bullet should read press (2) toward grape and (2) toward latte

Catitude XL
Page 21, second cutting chart, under 10" squares.  It should read (64) 4 3/4" squares (not 4").

A line was accidentally omitted when the publisher added the page header on the top of page 31. (Omitted line is in red.)


It should read:

  • Sew the 1 ½” inner border strips together. Measure through the center of the quilt vertically and cut (2) pieces this length. Add to sides of quilt. Press seams toward border.

The Ultimate Flying Geese Book

Page 4- Second bullet. While it works either way, I prefer to press toward the larger triangle instead of the smaller.

Page 48- Second column 4th line. Cut (2) 4 1/4" strips and cut (16) 4 1/4" squares.
  Second column/second box/6th line.  Cut (2) 4 1/4" strips and cut (16) 4 1/4" squares. 


All About Da Grids

If you strip piece your log cabin blocks, disregard. If you cut each log please note. Two of the 4” cuts need to be 4 ½”. Some of the others were longer than needed and I have indicated them as well.  
Light background cut (12) 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" (not 4").  Med. blue cut (12) 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" (not 4")
Pieces longer than needed: Light background 1 1/2" x 6" (instead of 7"), Med. Blue 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" (instead of 5 1/2"), Dark blue 1 1/2" x 6" and 7"

Creative Grids CGRDH1 & CGRDH2- Cat’s Cradle Tool
& Strippy Stars Tool/ Tips and Things to Remember

1-The markings on the trim side of the Cat’s Cradle tool are FINISHED sizes.   If the pattern says trim to 3” finished, then you use the 3” line on the tool.   (I give you the unfinished size in ( ) in the pattern just as a reminder that if you measure it after trimming with a regular ruler, it will be ½” larger to give you the ¼” seam allowances for sewing it into your project.   (I also give the unfinished size for those who might still be using my old original cat’s meow ruler which was marked in unfinished sizes)

2-All of the cutting on the CGRDH1 Cat’s Cradle tool is slightly oversized so that you have to trim down. This helps assure perfection with these units every time. Even a beginner can have perfect results!


‘Cat’itude Corrections

1-If was recently brought to our attention that when the publisher numbered the color pages in the center of the book, the index numbers were not changed for the patterns that follow the color pages. (This was corrected in the second run printing)

The index should read:

Carolina page 18

Catamount Crossing page 21 (The index also refers to this as Catamount Crossroads instead of Crossing) Grace Ann page 24

On page 24 Grace Ann

Change the # of strips needed on the first line under black in the chart. Changed from 3 to 4 under the lap size and from 8 to 10 under the Twin size. (You will not need more yardage, you just need a few more strips as indicated) (This was corrected in the second run printing)

Also on the second line on page 25 – there is no queen size in the pattern. The (60 for Queen) on this line should read (60 for Twin)


On page 6 Miss Epsie, we added a clarification in the second run printing to make sure there was no confusion.

You only need to cut the 5 ½” center squares for the middle of the blocks once. Either out of your scraps OR from yardage as indicated on the chart.  

Stars in My Cabin Pattern

You may notice that this pattern has you cut 1" strips for the tiny stars, while the ruler calls for 1 ¼” strips for the smallest size.

That's because we found while making this quilt (and more blocks to test it), that 1" was plenty. (I recently taught a class on this quilt and

my students used 1" strips with no issues as well.) The ruler calls for 1 1/4" strips for the tiny stars which of course

gives you more fudge factor.

***Keep this in mind as you make the quilt (and if you teach the class.)

Use which ever size strip makes you feel more comfortable. If you want a little more fudge factor- by all means cut them at 1 ¼”.


Steps to the Stars: corrections

Pg 2

Make (18) “C” blocks (not 16)   Cutting is correct for (18) blocks

Pg. 3 Row 10 is missing from graphic on the bottom left. Refer to graphic on the right

Dizzy Quilt/ Helpful Tips-  (In the Strippy Stars Book)


It has come to my attention that some of the graphics in the dizzy pattern may be confusing and that left handers may interpret the directions differently than intended.  (This was clarified in the second printing on the Strippys Stars book)  The pdf below should help if you have questions.

Dizzy pattern from the Strippy Stars Book /Clarification-  click here for PDF